TLC Ministries offers several resources for churches as they relate to stewardship, visioning, and discipleship resources. These resources and campaigns have been developed by Rev. Dr. Robert S. Hallett, founder and president of TLC Ministries, from his 50+ years of ministry, including over 30 years as a church consultant. They include:

1) The Scriptural Funding Campaign to help churches raise major funds for their building and renovation projects. We understand why people give, as well as what the Bible teaches about stewardship and sacrificial giving. Our Scriptural Funding Campaign utilizes the ministry approach that was developed by Dr. Hallett, and consistently raises more funds than any other company. It is described in overview fashion on the website;

2) The "When Your Church Needs to Build" booklet is a FREE download from our website. It was one of Dr. Hallett's doctoral projects, and includes helpful insights for each step of the building process - pastors and church leaders are very appreciative of the value it brings to the planning of their building or renovation projects;

3) The Vision Defining Retreat can be used as a stand alone retreat to guide the church in defining its Mission and Vision Statements, or it can be used in conjunction with the Scriptural Funding Campaign. It is for those churches who would like to consider seriously the impact they could have in their communities if their mission and vision were clearly defined. It is described in overview fashion on the website. Its mission is to develop the church's mission and vision, and the people's ownership of them;

These are described on our website - or by calling our corporate office in Hartford City, Indiana at (800) 473-5352.