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Welcome to Our Online Pulpits Catalog. Many of these Podiums are samples that we have manufactured. When on our site, click on any image to enlarge it and get pricing for each sample. Remember these are only samples. You can order one of these or start from scratch with one of our acrylic podiums and add any wood accent to them.We have the following products:Acrylic Podiums , Acrylic Pulpits and Acrylic Lecterns, begin your journey with information about acrylic podiums. You will learn about the sizes of each style of acrylic podiums that we sale.Acrylic Church Podiums. Here you will see more of the high quality craftsmanship we use everyday to create the perfect Podium, Pulpit, Communion Table, Or Drum shield.Acrylic Church Podiums with Wood allows you the buyer to add a little extra to that Acrylic Podium, Acrylic Pulpit, Acrylic Communion Table. We off three common wood colors, Golden Oak, Walnut and Black Cherry to accent your acrylic furniture purchase.Acrylic Communion tables. Here we have three acrylic communion table sizes listed, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft,. These Acrylic Communion tables can be purchased with a wood accent of golden oak, walnut and black cherry. Of course you can get a custom table by just asking for a quote.Acrylic Altars, are made from 1/2 thick acrylic stand about 19 inches tall and can be 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft. long.Acrylic Drum shields, allows music ministers and pastors to control the sound from today's contemporary music. With our 18 years selling this product feel free to call us with any questions you may have.Acrylic water tables. These tables are standard size 16wide x 16wide x 24 inches tall. They are made from 1/2 thick acrylic and come in the same colors to match the podiums.Acrylic Tithe Boxes, These tithe boxes come with a sturdy wood or acrylic base. The acrylic tithe box base is 24 inches tall and the tithe box that sits on top is 14 inches by 14 inches with a key lock. The word tithe is etched either in the wood or on the face of the acrylic.Acrylic Pulpits start at $349.00