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Bella Bagno, Inc. specializes in keeping airport washrooms safe, sanitary, clean, and odor free. Try our electric Hygolet sanitary toilet seat system, anti-bacterial green smart technology custom urinal floor mats, TCell 90 day odor control systems, diaper bag dispensers with scented diaper bags, 90 day urinal screens, soap and hand sanitizer touch free dispensers. We also offer airport security checkpoint runners 2'x6'and TSA wanding, mats that are 2x3' a green smart fiber anti-microbial security checkpoint floor mats to cover bare carpet and floors. These runners retard bacterial growth and make the passengers safe and happy when they walk through security. No more foot fungus! Our anti-microbial Wanding mats with red feet offer a safe surface at the secondary screening area. Try our custom made and mobile hand sanitizer stands which emit a foam sanitizer with moisturizer and do not leave a sticky residue on the skin...perfect for food areas, outside washrooms, ticketing areas, and at the checkpoint. Choose from our full line of waste receptacle solutions....trash/recycle/smoker receptacles. Our pet waste station is ideal for airport pet relief areas. It includes a sign, trash receptacle, bag dispenser, scented and biodegradable waste bags, and steel channel posts. GO GREEN!!

Bella Bagno, Inc introduces BellaMatâ„¢
The only patent pending 100% ANTIMICROBIAL MAT. Designed to generate additional airport revenue while providing your airport passengers with a faster, more satisfying experience as they make their way through airport security.
Each year, passengers pass through US airport security checkpoints 700 million times. Dominated by frequent flyers, they are the creme de la creme of consumer markets. When these passengers take off their shoes, they instinctively look down to see what they are stepping on, and when they do, they are looking directly at impactful airport checkpoint advertising. BellaMatâ„¢ antimicrobial mats and runners provide this captive, sought-after market for advertisers, new revenue for airports and an improved TSA and airport experience for travelers.

Some of our Customers include:
Airports - Airlines - Hospitals - Medical Buildings - Health Clubs - Nursing Homes - Convention Centers
Stadiums and Arenas - Auditoriums and Theaters - Campgrounds - Restaurants - Office Buildings
Shopping Centers - Manufacturing Facilities - Churches & Synagogues - Schools & Universities


We purchase a specific item from this companyfor a resort and are extremely pleased with the fast service and excellent customer service they provide.


Great service with an innovative product offering. The drip and dry mats really work and help the staff save time and they look smart. We get lots of complements.