BellaMat® is the ONLY custom made disposable restroom urinal floor mat made of GREEN Smart™ Technology; treated with a non-toxic antimicrobial agent with a health rating of 1.
The Custom-made disposable antimicrobial urinal floor mats are designed and treated to control odors, protect the floors from staining, and eliminate bacterial growth. The mats fit under urinals to capture urine spills and accompanying odors. The TIMESTRIP® indicator lets you know when it's time to refresh with a new mat.

Reduce maintenance, labor costs, slip and fall liability, and just make your washrooms a more pleasant place.

Restroom users will appreciate the hygienic and sanitary benefits.

Features & Benefits

Green Smart ™ Technology
Slip resistant backing with embossed rubber
Self-adhesive, water soluble double-sided tape to adhere to floor
Odor control
Treated with a non–toxic antimicrobial agent, thus eliminating odors
Urine absorption
Non–woven, polypropylene face
Charcoal color
ADA approved
Time in service monitor, average life of 7–30 days


20 X 17 1/4


12 mats per box

Suggested Replacement Schedule

Heavy Traffic – 400 Daily Users:
Airports, Casinos, Bars, Theaters, Fast Food Chains – Replace Every 7 Days

Medium Traffic – 200 Daily Users:
Restaurants, Hotels, Clinics, Hospitals, Schools – Replace Every 2–4 Weeks

Light Traffic: – 50 Daily Users:
Offices, Stores, Medical Offices – Replace Every Month


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